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01- Apr.

Dealing With Uncertainty

The one thing the majority of us hate is uncertainty. It’s not so much change itself that causes distress but the uncertainty that comes with it. It is quite common for

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27- Feb.

Under The Influence: Meeting Music

You may not have realised it, but the music that soundtracks your event or meeting – whether it’s recorded or live – plays as integral a role in the attendee

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10- Dec.

Driven To Appstraction

With over 300 (and counting) off the shelf event apps, the market is in danger of becoming saturated. Choosing the right technology for your audience is vital, but do your

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10- Nov.

Repositioning Disruption

The world is not necessarily changing faster than in previous decades. In some ways it’s moving slower. We are not the most innovative generation in history; we may actually in

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09- Nov.

Ride The Wave

There are a huge variety of different sorts of businesses in the ‘corporate zoo’, from the very large, to the small and agile, to the downright weird. The one thing

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08- Nov.

Discover New Value

Quantifying a return on investment is a common practice for agencies, clients and live event commentators. As an industry we feel obliged to find some sort of way (other than

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07- Nov.

Disrupt & Innovate

To disrupt has a number of connotations, some quite negative. We have all experienced someone who is disruptive in class or seen how something that is balanced and harmonious in

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06- Nov.

Telling Tales

The power of storytelling is the key to engagement. Whether it’s relating consumer stories back to a brand, telling tall stories to your friends down the pub, relaying something incredible

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