We ask our staff to write and we value their individuality. They have something to say – something that matters to them.
They write about subjects that interest them in ways that will really interest our clients.


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27- Sep.

Fashioning Insights From Trends

The dictionary definition of a trend is ‘a general direction in which something is developing or changing’. Most managers feel they ought to be on continual alert to predict and

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16- Aug.

Create Your Own Adventure

Last week I found myself in a Nottinghamshire pub garden, watching a performance by the Mikron Theatre Company. The West Yorkshire-based team perform theatre ‘for everyone, everywhere’ and favour more

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08- Aug.

Outstanding Student Receives SPARK THINKING Accolade

SPARK THINKING, an Ashfield Meetings & Events brand, are proud to support the Student Of The Year award at the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University. The

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27- Jul.

Exploring Alternative Futures

In business we are all fixated on the future, to the extent that there are professional futurists who sell their expertise to large corporations on the basis that they can

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21- Jun.

Addressing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is talked about a lot in management books but it is often difficult to translate this rhetoric into action. News reports convey a chorus of voices calling on governments

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12- Jun.

Life In The Past Lane

Here’s my confession: I am a low-level hoarder. I wear that badge with pride, so I’m quite happy to display it. I know exactly where I get this characteristic from

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31- May.

Something Old, Something New

I was woken up this morning by the alarm on my phone, I rolled over and asked Alexa to turn on my lights and got out of bed. I made

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10- May.

Being Big In Ivyland

On the Tonight Show last Thursday, Jimmy Fallon hosted a segment called Take Your Parent To Work Day in which he asked children what they think their parents do at

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