Title: Vice President, Business Development, US

Department: Business Development, US

Specialism: Sales, New Business Growth, Strategic Business Development

Debbie Liberio

Bartering Virtuoso

What do you do at SPARK Thinking?

I work with potential new clients to create a more robust, practical, and expert solution for their meeting needs. Listening to their needs, I work magic to prepare a solution that goes beyond their wildest dreams.

What has been your SPARK Moment?

I once helped a client to build a solution for engaging healthcare profesionals that had been long-denied by their compliance department by coming up with alternative communication channels for engagement.

Tell us something we don’t know…
I learned to play the piano and the drums at five-years-old, then taught myself to play all the other instruments in my house; clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, piccolo, and flute. Unfortunately, I can’t play most of them anymore.