Title: Communications Executive

Department: Live Events & Engagement

Specialism: Event Proposals, Social Media, Immersive Technology, Creative Copywriting, Blogging, Photography

Ewan Jamieson

Brief Tamer & Conversation Starter

What do you do at SPARK THINKING?

I take wild ideas and nurture them into engaging and immersive event solutions, cultivating concepts and adding a practical perspective to plans to turn feral abstractions into attendee-friendly programmes. I can succinctly summarise all your event options in a snapshot. By taking into consideration all of the event variables and weighing them off against your preferences, I can provide thoroughly researched advice that engages your audience, provides a return on your investment and smashes your objectives.

What has been your SPARK Moment?

Managing and delivering a fully-sustainable, BS8901-compliant, festival-themed company conference for 150 people in a field in Yorkshire. As well as acting as one of the project leads, I helped create a memorable CSR element, where goods which attendees donated to a local charity were arranged to form a huge company logo which was framed by the attendees standing around it and photographed from above. The event won six industry awards for its sustainable credentials and commitment to charitable and environmental causes.

Tell us something we don’t know…

Although I have won awards for blogging and photography, my proudest accolade was winning Creative Builder Of The Day at Legoland in 1989 for a 26-brick masterpiece depicting an alien cactus.