Title: Sales Support Manager US

Department: Sales Support

Specialism: Sales, Proposals, Copywriting, PowerPoint, Creative Thinking

Julie Duffey

Juggling Oyster

What do you do at SPARK THINKING?

I catch all the details flying in at Mach speed, sorting them, then polishing it all up for shiny client ready proposals. I also assist clients, and internal teams, to visualize what all their wild ideas can look like on paper and make them pretty without a detail or decimal point missing.

Something you may not know

I just started receiving an ancient Chinese medicinal therapy technique called gua sha to treat some nerve damage from old sports injuries. “Gua means to scrape or scratch,” “Sha means sand, because the sha rash that comes up is like a sand-like texture right on the skin.  It’s an ancient Chinese medical therapy created to withdraw “cold winds” from the body.  Gua sha can pull that cold out.” The result can look a little gruesome like you’ve been beaten head to toe, but the results are so worth the pain.