Title: Project Account Manager, US

Department: Operations

Specialism: Team Management, Event Planning, Creative Thinking

Libby Marquardt

Logistics Lynchpin

What do you do at SPARK Thinking?

I work with my team to plan and deliver flawless, creative, and unforgettable events and attendee experiences. I am the go-to contact for my team members, but also for our clients. I am the lynchpin. I ensure the event is running on track and that all the details are in order and running full speed ahead – watch out for this fast paced process! We take the clients vision and make it reality while exceeding their expectations.

What has been your SPARK Moment?

During a National Training meeting we ran into a situation where some bad acting wasn’t going to make the cut for the night two of the show. We decided that rather than inviting the actor to return, we would start from scratch and create an interactive murder mystery game. Within 24 hours we created personalities for each of the characters, continued and revamped the story line from the acting the night before, and designed how the game would play out when all 300 attendees would be playing it in a 5 story museum! The game ended up being a huge success and allowed everyone to work as a team and engage with their colleagues.

Tell us something we don’t know…
I talk at the speed of light, was named after Queen Elizabeth, and have a love affair with Corgis.