Title: Global Client Relationship Director

Department: Marketing Communications

Specialism: Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Branding, Copywriting

Luke Flett


What do you do at SPARK THINKING?

I absorb the talents, personality traits and skills from our wonderfully diverse people (and the amazing work they do) and convert it into storytelling opportunities. I am constantly looking for different ways of engaging our internal and external stakeholders and inspiring people to action.

What has been your SPARK Moment?

Creating a series of internal initiatives designed at strengthening the innovation culture within our agency to help bring real insights and add genuine value to client’s business communication strategies. This included handpicking a set of SPARK Influencers, establishing the ‘explore, refine and deliver’ methodology, developing ‘creative confidence’ training and celebrating the successes achieved as a result of these initiatives with an internal storytelling recognition programme – known as SPARK Moments.

Tell us something we don’t know…

Due to my lack of coordination, and inability to look cool on a dance floor,  I decided to take to the other side of the decks in my earlier years. I DJ’d throughout University and played warm up sets for Norman Jay OBE (amongst others) and still enjoy taking creative inspiration from discovering and listening to new music from around the globe.