Title: Business Analyst

Department: Business Development

Specialism: Research, Data, Insights

Rebecca Shipley

Research Rodent

What do you do at SPARK THINKING?

I am the chipmunk, filling my cheeks with knowledge. I am the gerbil, burrowing my way into data. I am the squirrel, storing away information that I might need for another day.

My job is to do the digging for the Business Development team, finding out what makes our industry tick and making sure that we are ready to stand out from the crowd. Our industry is ever evolving but I am constantly running on my hamster wheel to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

What has been your SPARK Moment?

Introducing the use of SharePoint into the sales and marketing department so we have a one stop, easily searchable shop, of previous proposals and RFIs. The use of SharePoint within the department has promoted a collaborative working atmosphere – especially as we are all able to edit documents at the same time, saving all the hassle and confusion that comes when several people are working on different versions of the same document.

Tell us something we don’t know…

I am a crochet addict. Most cupboards in my house are filled with yarn. You name it, I can make it and my creations have included bunnies, budgies, dinosaurs, giraffes, pizza bunting, hippos, flower wreaths, monkeys, lions, tractors….the list is endless!