Title: Production Project Manager, UK

Department: Operations

Spark Skills: Creative Production, Blue Sky Thinking, Technical Management and Delivery

Simon Read

Magical Memory Maker

What do you do at SPARK THINKING?
In a simple statement – I make memories. I am lucky enough to work with a number of magical teams and suppliers who help us bring a client’s dreams to life. Working from initial briefs through to onsite delivery, my passion is always for the unexpected. Challenging the norm and thinking differently has helped to create memories for thousands of delegates and I look forward to the many more we create together.

What has been your SPARK Moment?
Bringing a festival to life for a client…and luckily I’ve been able to do this twice but picking between the two is too hard. Seeing the reactions of attendees to the first one transforming a blank canvas into a space filled with food, bands, face painting and even a live graffiti artist, through to the second of transforming a green space into a festival fit for Glastonbury, even braving all the British weather could throw at us. Lively, different and unique.

Tell us something we don’t know…
When I was 10 I was a massive eco warrior, even raising a petition to stop British Rail from cutting down trees behind my house. We were in the paper and even threatened to chain ourselves to the trees if they didn’t stop the cutting. We won and they agreed to not cut all trees down – only those dangerous to the line.