Repositioning Disruption

The world is not necessarily changing faster than in previous decades. In some ways it’s moving slower. We are not the most innovative generation in history; we may actually in some ways be the most trivial generation (I can tell you in 140 characters why we’re the most boring).

The disruption from technology is there – yes – but is it not a bit overstated by consultancies and agencies?

Change is happening but not perhaps in the way that change consultants, gurus or agencies would let you believe. It’s a change that is more difficult to predict, a change that seems to crop up in unlikely places. A lot of it is about technology but a lot more of it is about social mores and social norms; all those things we tend to take for granted in life – the things that make up the backdrop, the flavour and the colour of our everyday lives.

Attitudes are changing. Trust in government, police, banks, councils and energy companies have changed social attitudes. As a whole, we have disruptive expectations. We find corporate loyalty less of a given and we now expect companies to be environmentally responsible, and are surprised when we come across ones that aren’t.

Why is the attitude to privacy shifting away from, ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ to ‘give me access to your life – here’s access to me and mine’?

We look for collaborative behaviour amongst colleagues as well as friends, we can’t afford to buy a house when young, all the old paradigms are becoming irrelevant or need changing.

These are the new disruptive forces in both private and corporate life and we think they are the source of fresh thinking new ideas and for us actively working and thinking in this new arena of disruption really excites us.




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