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The Generation Game

Stop getting so hung up on millennials and create the best workplace for everyone.

So much has been said about millennials or Generation Y. Studies into this tech-savvy, health-conscious breed tell us how they enjoy reverse-mentoring, an agile environment, are eager for success and relish regular feedback.

But what’s really important for the events industry and every other industry is not to create an environment for just one generation; the workplace is multi-generational and the requirements of each individual should be given the same priority.

We are in danger of over-thinking the needs of millennials and getting bogged down in how we accommodate their requirements. To be an excellent and achieving organisation, we need to establish a culture that recognises individuals regardless of which generation they were born into.

Who doesn’t want to work in a creative and inspiring place? Who doesn’t want to be trusted at work and be afforded a fair work/life balance? Who doesn’t want open and honest conversations with their manager?

Perhaps the challenge is not getting hung up on attracting millennials but simply attracting the right people with the right attitude and skills who want to make a difference, and then retaining that talent.

Just because a member of a team is not a millennial doesn’t mean that they are not interested in technology or that they don’t appreciate regular feedback.

While the current hot topic is millennials, how long will it be before we are focusing our attention on Generation Z? And, in a largely female-dominated industry, at what point do we acknowledge the other end of the spectrum; recent stats show that the number of women working into their 70s (the baby boomers) has doubled over the last four years.

Working in harmony, Generation Y and Generation Everyone Else can share skills, knowledge and experience for mutual benefit and advancement of the business.

A productive workplace

Creating a culture and environment that people feel comfortable and relaxed in is just one of the key elements to attracting a diverse and dynamic employee base.

People don’t thrive in bland spaces – a creative and interesting place that inspires individuals will produce a myriad of benefits: increased productivity, more ideas generated, better morale and higher staff retention.

Trust is also an important factor and the very foundation upon which strong relationships are built. If we want to foster open and honest dialogue between staff members, mutual trust is needed to achieve the goals of the organisation and to perform at the highest standards.

Leaders should feel confident devolving responsibility to their teams. After all, they have employed these people to do a job so let them take control of their working day and output.

This blog was first featured on C&IT‘s website.

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