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SPARK THINKING partner with the Amadeus Group Events Management Team to deliver live events and experienc...


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Nice, France



SPARK THINKING partner with the Amadeus Group Events Management Team to deliver live events and experiences. Following discussions with the client we identified an opportunity to provide consultancy to help strengthen the creative capabilities within their client team.

Focussing on the objectives of developing an internal outlook to help the team think less logistically and more creatively we set about developing a tailored work shop. The aim was to increase creative confidence and encourage a mind-set that would help strengthen their strategic influence over internal stakeholders and elevate the perception of the team.

Job titles were put aside for the day and all ideas were welcomed. We needed to remove any fear of failure and create an environment, and understanding, that every input is valuable and can act as a stimulus to SPARK THINKING amongst others.

The session looked at creativity as an approach, how you can train yourself to think differently and the individual and collective benefits in doing so. The team were encouraged to draw upon individual experience and influences and provided tools and techniques to help use these to connect dots to find new solutions. Group tasks focused on the ‘explore, refine, deliver’ approach and the power of questions in uncovering insights. Through group collaboration the team were able to see things from different people’s perspectives and use this to help harness idea generation.

It provided an open forum to discuss, share insight and understand how creativity can be a differentiator that will help them navigate change, define and understand their team ‘proposition’ and demonstrate where and how they add value within their organisation. Even the potential ‘doubters’ and ‘non-creatives’ were converted by the end of the session.

The thinking and practical mind tools demonstrated and discussed on the day are already being utilised in the Amadeus Group Events Management Team with powerful results to help problem solve, develop small and large event concepts and to improve internal processes.