Experiential Exhibit Booth

This project started with a brief to design and build an exhibition space to help launch a new product to...




Vienna, Austria



This project started with a brief to design and build an exhibition space to help launch a new product to market at a large trade show in Vienna.

We set about designing an immersive and interactive space that would effectively disseminate educational materials and cascade key messaging on the product. In order to do so we used a proprietary methodology to gather insights into the audience’s personae. Through research and facilitated client workshops we were able to identify the ways in which their audience preferred to learn and map out their educational needs. We were then able to implement the most appropriate engagement tools to deliver the right content in the right format, at the right time.

The experiential booth had three interactive zones. Each zone gave delegates an insight into the brand campaign and further information on the product. The environment allowed attendees the opportunity to choose which area was most relevant or interesting to them.

The first zone encouraged the audience to sit down in a theatre and watch case study films on wireless headphones. After each case study delegates could answer quiz questions using their wireless keypad and scores were instantaneously displayed promoting a sense of gamification and competitive learning. The second zone featured a large magnetic graphic and over the three days that the booth was open, delegates could place small magnetic figures onto individual dots, bringing the image (and product) to life. The third zone gave the opportunity to have a personalized takeaway utilising a professional photographer and computer operators on hand.

To bring cohesion and unity to the design, and visually tie everything together, a circular LED canopy was strategically suspended above the booth’s three areas. This structure was the biggest installation created in Europe using DigiLED tiles and its total circumference was 24m. The booth design was based on the product logo, consisting of three ‘petals’ and so it was important that the three elements came across in the booth design which allowed for an interactive experience.