Milken Institute: London Summit

In December, the Milken Institute brought together 800 business leaders, investors, philanthropists and d...


Production, Communications


London, UK



In December, the Milken Institute brought together 800 business leaders, investors, philanthropists and decision makers from around the world for their London Summit.

The one-day summit featured 120 speakers and comprised more than 40 private and public sessions which focused on devising workable solutions to tackle the key post-Brexit challenges facing the UK and continental Europe.

SPARK THINKING were tasked with creating an event experience that supported the vision of increasing global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health. Our full service event solution included logistics, production, design and creative solutions.

We started by developing an inspirational and dynamic event identity that visually represented the complex, interconnected and multi-faceted discussions that take place at the summit. The identity was implemented across all pre-event, on-site and post-event materials. The meeting space at the venue was hired exclusively and fully branded to enhance the visual impact of both the Milken Institute brand and the London Summit event identity. This extended to animated motion graphics and video content on all digital screens and projections.

The plenary sessions were delivered using a 25m-wide blended projection screen, creating a flexible solution that allowed content to be displayed across the whole stage or assigned to specific areas. This provided a deeper engagement with the audience with the message delivery methods and visual aesthetic changing regularly. We provided a Production Director to bridge the various production teams (covering both the plenary and breakout rooms), ensuring the subject matters were interpreted correctly and transformed into engaging and practical content. High profile, expert speakers were used throughout the sessions to provide credibility and put leading authorities at the heart of the discussions. A green room – complete with barista coffee stations, rehearsal zones and media briefing stations – was needed to manage the many speakers and their complex individual requirements.

All content was recorded so that it could be accessed on demand post-event via the Milken Institute website as part of a cascade programme that will help amplify the value of what the Milken Institute network is capable of.