Services: Communications, Creative, Digital

Location: Europe

Delegates: Company-wide

Reward & Recognition Programme

A typical brief that started as a request for an ‘incentive with a difference’ resulted in something much more profound.

As part of our insight gathering process we challenged preconceptions, undertook detailed analysis and had informed dialogue with the key stakeholders and senior executives. This allowed us to understand why the client thought they wanted an incentive and with this information we were able to identify what the brief was really asking; an internal communication programme that built upon their core corporate values with an internal set of behavioural values.

This consultative approach ensured we had a deeper understanding of the client’s wants and needs; working as an extension of their business to deliver against their true expectations, we produced a strategic yet personal response. We designed a holistic communication campaign which identified five core values that would encourage the development of new ideas and reward those who implemented, promoted and encouraged participation.

We were integral in the build and creative development of the campaign, acting as a guardian and supporting the client with the evolution of the identity. We developed and rationalised the programme guidelines with a key focus on highlighting core messages as tangible values that resonated with all employees and created ownership at all levels.

We brought them to life in methods that encouraged participation, fostered positive behavioural changes and provided platforms that communicated and reinforced messaging. This was delivered through multiple media channels, both physical and digital, functional and abstract.

Throughout this project, we ensured that the client owned all areas of the campaign to truly enhance the intrinsic values that made the programme a success. We acted as a partner agency and consultancy across all strategic, communicative and branded materials.